Here’s the thing. As with anything in life, knowledge isn’t power. Applied knowledge is power. You can run the best financial website like GCBA, but if you haven’t taken any action, you really haven’t done anything.

(this How to Use the 72t Distribution Rule (SEPP Withdrawals) video is hosted on YouTube)

Now, retiring early takes many forms, but one of the most interesting is by using theĀ SOSEPP 72t early distribution technique, which is an IRS section that allows for early withdrawals without the 10% penalty. This is due to stipulations that are followed over a certain number of years and the income is still taxes accordingly.

Marketing has come together in many new ways within the last couple of decades. With the invention of the Internet, new markets and ways to market sprung up overnight.

“One of the most effective these days is called search engine optimization,” explains a Phoenix SEO consultant from SEOSatori. “There’s also PPC and organic maps marketing. Which one suits you best will depends on your business.”

He also talks about the importance of having a strong Phoenix SEO campaign (SEO Satori), matched up with an effective LinkedIn profile strategy. When you have both working for you, it’s like marketing synergy at it’s finest. It’s surprisingly effective.

Even when it comes to fitness supplements and weight loss products like yacon syrup, there are many new outlets for sales, including Amazon Seller Central (which offers sellers a whole new channel for sales and marketing through Amazon).